Friday, November 8, 2019

the lost golden thread ; propaganda by jacques ellul

There is a returning; subtle, but repeat it does.  How am I not improving?  Holding myself back.  Regret of not pursuing the golden thread, so painfully obvious that I have dropped that per chance reformation - all is left now is passed time and the feeling to get on.  

  I do not live, unless in furtherance of greatness I hold myself accountable.

The ultimate responsibility, the direction and purpose of one's life.  
I came face to face with a real magical realism;  I shied and cowered from it.

Changes, small and incremental, almost to the point of going unnoticed; imperceptible.

A spiral; a step back recently, but one necessary to go forward.
Calm, with my known hindrances and fears.

non-sequiter:  not sure when I read and wrote the following [2008-2009 would be my guess]