Thursday, June 9, 2022

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More and more, I realize the world is nothing like we've been told it is-- like not even close-- and wonder if that, as Our Lady prophesied, there's only a hair's breadth between us and subtle powers and principalities we've lost the ability we once had to recognize.

I mean, take the flat earth thing: is the world flat or is it a globe? Well, what if it's neither? What if the question is totally irrelevant and has no basis whatsoever on our reality? What if our reality is neither what is modeled by reductionist materialism or some kind of Muskite simulation? 

What if it's something we can't even model at all? That's when you really dive into the rabbit hole.

What if most of our science-- especially our cosmology-- is simply based on math tricks by clever hoaxers? We already know the overwhelming majority of experimental work being done these days can't be replicated. What if it's all just bullshit? What if most of it was all a scam bankrolled by Jeffrey Epstein and will fall like a house of cards now that he's been taken off the board? 

I strongly believe Transhumanism as we know it is totally fucked now, and will likely eventually give way to another grift. Epstein was too close to that stuff to wash his stink off.

Well, at least we know that physics is perfect, right? Well, that's all math in the end. So, what if the math is all wrong? I recently read a mathematician saying our mathematics is all nonsense, and needs to be reworked by AIs. So, where does that leave physics? I read recently that string theory is being written off as pseudo-science. What about the rest of theoretical physics?

What if astronomy and astrophysics is entirely wrong and built on fake math we all agreed to abide by? What if all these infinite galaxies the Hubble is allegedly seeing are just globs of space-shit on its lens? Or worse, just a bunch of CGI?

What if that is the Apocalypse, in the end? 

That everything we thought we knew is torn away and all needs to be rethought from scratch? We have engineering, which we know works through practice, and the rest is a bunch of bullshit.

Don't bet against it, is all I'm saying.

comments from the secret sun

  The Secret Sun is the Form of the Good which is discovered by escaping Plato's Cave. Most pedestrians live in the delusion that they perceive the world directly as opposed to looking at their senses from somewhere else inside their mind. You see the seeing, you feel the feeling, etc - you get here through basic knowledge of how the eye (or any other senses) works with your mind but most people don't *live* it. Its easy to find the Secret Sun, its far from easy to live in its light. Go to a dark room, and switch on a bright light bulb, and switch it off again. That flashing blob in your mind is composed of mental light therefore all things that you have ever seen are composed of this mental light. Turn your head whatever way you want and the blob stays in the same position. This is because your ''neck'' is actually chained and you always face forwards looking into your sensory cortices. If you see pixels when you close your eyes, you can move your eyes around in your head but the pixels do not move, ''you'' are staring forwards regardless of which way your eyes are pointing. This simple experiment leads us to the light which lights up your dreams as well as the world around us, this mental light. If you want you can try and ''go'' into that blob, or any of the blobs that might float in your minds eye when you close your eyes. Lie on your back and imagine yourself lifting upwards (the best way is to imagine a rope running through the centre of your brain, which your brain is climbing - do not imagine yourself in 3rd person as that totally screws the process) towards the blobs. Don't imagine an astral body, you are in your astral body right now i.e. your mental self (all perceptions of the physical self are received second hand). Just pull up towards the pixels, or the coloured blobs. These lights are like the light coming in from outside the cave, you have to go towards them. As you go towards them if you are focused you will begin to see flashes of what looks like a rich natural light, like light reflecting off a gold coin in a hot sun, or a flashlight through the shadows. When you enter the light, then you will see the Secret Sun and the incredible landscape that goes with it. It may last a few seconds and its very shocking. Knowledge of the nature of this light and how it can be manipulated and moved through covers a lot of magic and psychic effects. The experience is disorientating and most go back to ''the cave'' after experiencing it. If you fully understand the implications you might find it possible to fluctuate (run and return) between cave perception and ''secret sun'' perception. One meditation is when you are travelling in a car, imagine you are staying in the same spot (chained to the ground), like a mouse in a wheel, and the world is passing through you as opposed to you passing through the world. Ponder that you are always in the middle of this ''sphere'' (more correctly hypersphere or N-Sphere) and beyond that sphere of perception doesn't lie the rest of the world, but lies the rest of your subconscious mind - which is *vast* and *populated*.

This is astral projection, but there is a more hardcore scary way of doing it which is induced sleep paralysis. This basically involves tricking your body that you are asleep. When you are rolling around in bed at night you are reacting to ''rollover'' signals which is your body's way of checking you are asleep before it paralyses you. Simply resist this urges and incredibly weird scary shit will start happening rapidly afterwards.