Thursday, June 9, 2022

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More and more, I realize the world is nothing like we've been told it is-- like not even close-- and wonder if that, as Our Lady prophesied, there's only a hair's breadth between us and subtle powers and principalities we've lost the ability we once had to recognize.

I mean, take the flat earth thing: is the world flat or is it a globe? Well, what if it's neither? What if the question is totally irrelevant and has no basis whatsoever on our reality? What if our reality is neither what is modeled by reductionist materialism or some kind of Muskite simulation? 

What if it's something we can't even model at all? That's when you really dive into the rabbit hole.

What if most of our science-- especially our cosmology-- is simply based on math tricks by clever hoaxers? We already know the overwhelming majority of experimental work being done these days can't be replicated. What if it's all just bullshit? What if most of it was all a scam bankrolled by Jeffrey Epstein and will fall like a house of cards now that he's been taken off the board? 

I strongly believe Transhumanism as we know it is totally fucked now, and will likely eventually give way to another grift. Epstein was too close to that stuff to wash his stink off.

Well, at least we know that physics is perfect, right? Well, that's all math in the end. So, what if the math is all wrong? I recently read a mathematician saying our mathematics is all nonsense, and needs to be reworked by AIs. So, where does that leave physics? I read recently that string theory is being written off as pseudo-science. What about the rest of theoretical physics?

What if astronomy and astrophysics is entirely wrong and built on fake math we all agreed to abide by? What if all these infinite galaxies the Hubble is allegedly seeing are just globs of space-shit on its lens? Or worse, just a bunch of CGI?

What if that is the Apocalypse, in the end? 

That everything we thought we knew is torn away and all needs to be rethought from scratch? We have engineering, which we know works through practice, and the rest is a bunch of bullshit.

Don't bet against it, is all I'm saying.

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